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Trail Kids started back in May 2015, nearly exactly 2 years to the day.

Set up in 2015 between Kevin O’Brien and Mark Eiffe as a social enterprise to help combat the ever increasing rise in obesity and decrease in physical activity levels. All profits go back into developing new locations and coaches and providing more opportunities for children to get out in exercise in nature.

Trail Kids sessions are structured around the 3 key reasons children and teenagers drop out of sports – 1) To have fun 2) A lack of ownership and 3) spending time on the sidelines. At Trail Kids there are no sidelines, we cater for every child. Every child can have an input into session design developing a certain ownership for the sessions and key fundamental movement challenges en route ensure we have fun on the run!

Kevin and Mark have been enjoying the mountains and trails for a number of years not only for their own pursuits but also for developing the fitness and endurance levels of performance tennis players they worked with. Such was the fun and success of these fitness sessions that they decided to specialize in trail running.

Trail running is great for the mind and the body. Being outside in nature – regardless of the weather – brings its own sense of calm and peace often lacking in hectic busy young lives. Running free through the forest fosters a sense of adventure and excitement for the kids.

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