Trail Kids Kilkenny - First Outing

Day 1 – Fun on the Run 1

Wow, that was amazing! The very first Trail Kids Kilkenny ‘Fun on the Run 1 & 2’ sessions took place and what a great bunch of kids turned up. We took full advantage of the beautiful sunny evening in Castlemorris woods and jumped on and off the slack-lines for some balance, movement skills practice and core strengthening. We had dodged balls, swung upside down, sideways, backwards, forwards and even fell off a few times, we headed into ‘The Bowl’ for more fun and games.

We spent the next 40 mins playing Giant Jenga and running through the forest...! Everyone left with big smiles and a new sense of adventure ready for next week and another ‘Fun on the Run’ session.

Day 1 – Fun on the Run 2

Fun on the Run 2 is slightly more advanced as the children are older and able to cover more distance in less time. Our goal for the session is to be fun filled with physical challenges en route. We started on the slacklines working on our fundamental movement skills through balance and coordination challenges. Next up was the forest circuit followed by the daunting 20+m log bridge, then games and cooperative tasks with Giant Jenga!

The kids then had the honour of being the first to experience the long-loop which has obstacles such as fallen trees, ups and downs and lots of twists and turns before getting back to the start. There was even time for another blast around the short circuit before finishing up!! A very special well done to Chloe (7) who kept up with the 9-12-year-old group!!

Well done everybody it was amazing!



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