Trail Kids Waiver


I am permitting my child to participate in trail running activities organised by Trail Kids.


I know that trail running is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not allow my child participate in the event(s) and training sessions unless they are medically and physically able to do so. I agree to abide by all the decisions of the coaches as to whether my child can continue to safely participate and that they are in the right group for their level. I assume all responsibility for allowing my child to participate in this event(s) and/or training sessions.


I hereby acknowledge that participation in Trail Kids will involve physical and recreational activities and that these activities may involve risks including, but not limited to, the following:


Physical exertion, such as: running, slacklining, ninjalines, orienteering, treasure hunts, jumping, balancing, tree climbing, lifting logs, quick movements; climbing; balancing; and stretching exercises.


Environmental hazards, such as: uneven, rough terrain, rocky trails, tree roots; rain, slippy muddy ground, exposed climate; unpredictable weather; unpredictable conditions.


Risks inherent to participation in trail running and other recreational activities, such as: falling or tripping; physical contact with other participants.


I realise that it is not possible to list specifically each and every risk. However, knowing the material risks, knowing and reasonably anticipating that injuries, illness, paralysis and even death are possible, on behalf of my child, I hereby expressly assume all such risks that could occur by reason of his/her participation in any activities related to Trail Kids. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts I waive and release any claims I may have against the organisers for any and all injuries suffered.


Trail Kids coaches are first aid qualified. I authorise Trail Kids to perform first aid on my child if necessary and if I am uncontactable act on my behalf in any medical emergency.


I have carefully read all of its provisions, and fully understand its significance.


I allow Trail Kids to use images/video footage of my child/children from the sessions on social/print media/websites for publicity use. I will email if I DO NOT want my child in any of these photos/videos.